An afternoon about Mediation!

Disputes are an unfortunate part of business. They influence the result of the business you are running – directly, as a cost taken or avoided, and indirectly as a goodwill item won or missed, in relation to your customers, suppliers or business partners. We all know this. That is why you almost always try to solve the dispute before it escalates into a lawsuit or aribitration. Sometimes this is assisted by your in-house lawyer or by an outside counsel. Seldom, but often enough to disturb the business, the negotiation does not lead to an understanding or a settlement. This is where mediation comes in. Mediation is a flexible settlement technique, conducted privately and confidentially, in which a mediator acts as a neutral facilitator to help the parties try to arrive at a negotiated settlement of their dispute. The parties have control over both the decision to settle and the terms of any settlement agreement. In mediation proceedings, parties remain in control of the outcome by negotiating a contractually binding, win-win agreement based on their business interests.

This seminar is a great opportunity for you and your company to:
– Listen to highly regarded and experienced mediators sharing their experiences
– Get an in-depth understanding of how an effective mediation process can benefit your organization
– Network with peers facing similar challenges