• Online
  • 29 Jun, 14.30–15.30
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Diversity and Inclusion in a changing world: managing regional differences in LGBTQIA inclusion

This session is organised by ICC World Business Pride jointly with Open for Business, a coalition of leading global companies dedicated to LGBTQIA inclusion. ICC World Business Pride and Open for Business coalition recently joined forces to advocate for a more inclusive and diverse workplace as a driver of creativity, innovation and economic growth.

Across the world, a growing number of businesses understand the value of diversity and inclusion, and make significant efforts to implement policies and programmes to support their LGBTQIA employees, customers and stakeholders. At the same time, the legal protection of LGBTQIA people progresses at an uneven pace around the world. This global patchwork of human rights protection presents an important challenge for businesses keen on leading on LGBTQIA inclusion and poses crucial questions on the role of businesses as a driving force for progress on human rights issues.

This event will provide a space to discuss the efforts that businesses have made and the challenges they are facing when defending and advocating for LGBTQIA rights globally. Some of the questions that will be addressed include:

  • How can we define and imagine the future role of business in a more inclusive world?
  • What approaches should businesses take to deal with the regional differences on LGBTQIA rights?
  • How can businesses be helped meet these challenges?