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  • 18 Nov, 15.00–16.30
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Tillsammans med Confederation of International Contractors’ Association (CICA) bjuder vi nu in till ett webinarium särskilt fokuserat på användningen av ICC:s olika modellkontrakt i byggbranschen. Läs mer nedan. För detaljerad agenda samt registrering, klicka på ”Anmälan”. 

ICC-CICA Webinar on the ICC Model Construction Contracts

We are very pleased to invite you to a webinar on the ICC suite of model construction contracts, including the ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects, the ICC Model Consortium Agreement, and the ICC Model Joint Venture Agreement, co-hosted by ICC and the Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA).

The webinar will take place on Wednesday November 18th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm CETand will provide an in-depth look at the context and the models’ innovative position in the construction industry.

Join us to learn why and how to use the ICC models from prominent experts in the field, including leaders and members of the ICC working group that developed the models: Eric Eggink (Chair), Isabelle Smith Monnerville (Vice Chair), Bettina Geisseler, and Claudio Perrella. Bankability, which is crucial, will be discussed by a specialist from the banking industry. Other financial issues will also be addressed, such as how to simplify the system of bank guarantees that back construction contracts.

Finally, to respond to current Covid-19 concerns, the panellists will present the ICC Model Force Majeure Clause.