We are the world business organization.

The International Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business organization with a network of over 6.5 million members in more than 130 countries.  We work to promote international trade, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation through a unique mix of advocacy and standard setting activities- together with market-leading dispute resolution services. Our members include many of the world’s largest companies, SMEs, business associations and local chambers of commerce.

What does ICC do?

ICC champions open cross-border trade and investment, the market economy system and global economic integration as a force for sustainable growth, job creation and prosperity.  We aim to further our members’ interests by making it easier to trade internationally.

What is a Policy Committee?

All policy committees are run by ICC Sweden and are forums in which ICC Sweden members discuss pertinent issues in their business sector and agree common positions to be taken to the ICC Policy Commissions. All employees of every member company are eligible to be on ICC Sweden’s policy committees.

What is a Policy Commission?

ICC Policy Commissions are run by the ICC Secretariat in Paris. They bring together representatives of the national policy committees to decide common ICC positions. Meetings of the Commissions are held in different locations in the world each year.

How do I get nominated for a Policy Commission?

Members of Swedish Policy Committees are nominated by ICC Sweden and these nominations are either confirmed or rejected by ICC in Paris.

How many Policy Commissions are there?

13. They are: Arbitration and ADR, Banking, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Digital Economy, Economic Policy, Environment and Energy, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Advertising, Taxation, Trade and Investment Policy.

Membership Benefits Include

  • a unique network with the power to influence policy in more than 130 countries
  • access to the corridors of power at the G20-B20, United Nations and World Trade Organization
  • a connection to a network of the world’s most influential and dynamic companies- of all sizes
  • news of developments in policy, law and regulation at an early stage
  • access to the ICC Academy in Singapore
  • discounts on ICC publications, training and conferences around the world.
  • writing the rules that facilitate the financing of around 30% of world trade
  • access to the ICC International Court of Arbitration – the world’s leading dispute resolution institution

To discuss membership of ICC Sweden, please email info@icc.se or call (t) + 46 8 440 89 22.

For more information in English, please visit our international website!