ICC’s Committee on CR and Anti-Corruption

ICC Sweden’s committee CR and Anti-Corruption today consists of about 40 members.
Representatives of Swedish ICC members participate in the committee as leading
experts and experts in the CSR area. Twice a year the committee members are called
to a meeting. In addition to the agenda for the Commission’s meeting, current Swedish issues
of interest to the members are also discussed and the opportunity is given to hear initiated speakers on current issues.

ICC Sweden is represented in the Commission for CR and Anti-Corruption and in related working groups
of members of the Swedish Committee. During the Committee’s two meetings a year, the
Swedish position is prepared on various issues that are dealt with by the Commission and its working groups.
Furthermore, the ICC committee is also responsible for arranging seminars and disseminating knowledge about
CR and Anti-Corruption.

After assisting the Commission in developing ICC Anti-Corruption third party due diligence: A guide for SMEs , the Committee also led the work on the translation of the guide launched in a Swedish edition in 2017 (download in PDF list on the right) . Current in the fall of 2018 is a newly formed human rights working group. The plan includes to develop a course for companies on how best to work with human rights in their operations.




Kommitténs ledamöter

Ordförande: Lena Hök, Hållbarhetschef - Skanska

David Ackebo Hannes Snellman
Jan Andark Scania
Jonas Andre SKF AB
Christian Angell Philip Morris AB
Daniel Badman Stora Enso
Erik Belfrage Consilio International AB
Ulf Djurberg Setterwalls
Jasmin Draszka-Ali Vinge Advokatbyrå
Elisabeth Eklund Advokatfirman Delphi AB
Magnus Enell KTH och Enell Sustainable Business AB
Angela Evans Mannheimer Swartling
Richard Fleetwood Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson
Sandra Hein Kaznova Advokatfirman Hammarskiöld & Co AB
Johan Henningsson Svensk Exportkredit AB
Emma Ihre Mannheimer Swartling
Théo Jaekel Advokatfirman Vinge KB
Charlotte Kalin Chamber Trade Sweden
Pernilla Klein SNS -Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle
Elna Lembrer Åström Deloitte AB
Zsuzsa Martinez Scania AB
Caroline Mofors Elekta AB
Göran Norén Svenskt Näringsliv
Evalena Persson Saab AB
Håkan Persson SKF AB
Natali Phalén Institutet mot mutor (IMM)
Malin Ripa Volvo Group AB
Didrik Roos Deloitte AB
Maria Sandow Svensk Handel AB
Mikael Schmidt Svenska Cellulosa AB
Pontus Selderman Stora Enso AB
Caroline Snellman Legal Works Advisory
Helena Sundén Skanska AB
Mikael Sundström The Absolut Company AB
Maria Sunér Fleming Svenskt Näringsliv
Sofia Svingby Atlas Copco AB
Marie Trogstam Business Sweden
Petter Törnquist Saab AB
Peter Utterström Peter Utterström Advokat AB
Torbjörn Westman KPMG AB
Martin Åberg Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson